Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We are starting to put in some accent pieces in the living spaces in an effort to make that part of the house more livable. The kitchen/dining room will be an ongoing project and will be shielded off from the rest of the house when we need to make a mess.

A few pictures of the latest developments:

Above: the new doorway from the fireplace room into the kitchen. there was a wall where the ladder is sitting. A very short wall (approx. 8") will be added from the opposite side.

Above: new trim/moulding and corner pieces around the windows. this really dresses up the windows very nicely.

Above: the same trim/moudling as we used on the windows. this is used around the doorways, windows and major thresholds from the living room side.

Above: on both sides of the foyer (the other side has yet to be installed, need to wait until we install a new door with framework), some nice looking MDF with a molded top is going in to break up the immensity of the wall. Its all primed and ready for paint. There is a color scheme in the works, but the flooring (tile) needs to be chosen yet.

New doors to the backyard have been ordered and will replace the windows that are currently on the east wall of the dining room. We are having someone install the doors and must wait until he is available. Some custom mason work will be done to the brick exterior. The windows will move from the east wall to the north wall which will bring a lot more light into the room.

Hopefully we can start priming the walls in the living space this week, move the furniture back and start living in there again...

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Karen said...

Wow - that's one messy kitchen! Looking good! I'm enjoying watching the process through your blog. :)