Monday, April 6, 2009

more house work

Micah was able to accomplish quite a bit over the weekend on his own. I had two birthday parties to attend so unfortunately i couldn't allocate the time.

Above: New doorway between the foyer and the family room. Widened to allow for a future installation of french doors.

Above: Doorway between kitchen and family room. Still needs drywall on left framework. The doorway was shifted to the right and widened.

Above: Brand new doorway from the dining room into the backyard. This doorway replaced the windows that will be moving to the north side (immediate left wall) of the room. Brick work still needs to be finished on the outside of the house. Molding/insulation around the door needs be installed.

Above: Different angle from the foyer side.

Above: More trash/wood scraps/old door frames etc.


Karen said...

Lookin' good! Love the french doors to the backyard!

jscott.indy said...

thanks! it feels like its finally changing...need to get some primer on the walls and get rid of that grey and green combo.

the princess said...

wow, it looks great!

Sarah Arkanoff said...

I can't see sheep- Make your pics bigger!!! ; )

jscott.indy said...

click on the image to see the enlargement, silly.