Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day/Aiden's Bday Paaaaaaartaaaayyy!!!!

Had a blast this past weekend. Drove to Chicago on Friday evening to see an old friend of mine who needed some headshots and environmental images for her burgeoning business. Spent Saturday running around the city and shooting, shooting, shooting. My kind of day.

Sunday was, of course, Father's Day and my oldest nephews 3rd Birthday. He has been asking to go swimming for a couple of weeks now, so we decided to combine the big events into one big extravaganza at my house. Finally used the pool for the first time this summer. All the housework has kept the schedule to tight to take advantage of the basic amenities.

i digress...

Grilled some burgers, dogs, and chicken. Lots of sides, potato salad, salsa con queso, cheese and veggie tray, etc... was a great day.

here are the pictures:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Best wishes to all Fathers. May your day be relaxing and enjoyable.

To my father:

Thanks for everything! I certainly couldn't be who i am without you being the father you are.

Drive to chicago: The storm cometh.

a little out the car window shooting. no looking through the viewfinder, that would be cheating. =]

Redbull Air Race 2009

Detroit/Windsor Race 2009. I had a blast this year. We tried a new section this year and it was crowded. I had a LOT of pictures with people's heads in the frame, but managed to get a few clean shots here and there.

Life has been hectic of late, so i havent even delved into all the pictures from the race let alone the Indy Airshow from the prior weekend.

Here's a few quick grabs to tide you over:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i think my favorite pictures right now...

are those that look monochromatic but are actually full color. low-light, good contrast, simple tones. impactful. examples to follow, as soon as i have some time to dig them out of the archives. =]

still plugging away at Indy Airshow pictures from last Sunday. trying to make that dismal sky have a little pop. took the 200-400mm AF-S F/4.0 VR lens, i have on loan, out for a spin tonight after work. need to familiarize myself with it as much as possible before the Redbull Air Race this Sunday on the Detroit/Windsor river.

have a few nice nature/wildlife/bird shots from this evening. post those a.s.a.p. as well.


just a little feel good moment for you...

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