Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day/Aiden's Bday Paaaaaaartaaaayyy!!!!

Had a blast this past weekend. Drove to Chicago on Friday evening to see an old friend of mine who needed some headshots and environmental images for her burgeoning business. Spent Saturday running around the city and shooting, shooting, shooting. My kind of day.

Sunday was, of course, Father's Day and my oldest nephews 3rd Birthday. He has been asking to go swimming for a couple of weeks now, so we decided to combine the big events into one big extravaganza at my house. Finally used the pool for the first time this summer. All the housework has kept the schedule to tight to take advantage of the basic amenities.

i digress...

Grilled some burgers, dogs, and chicken. Lots of sides, potato salad, salsa con queso, cheese and veggie tray, etc... was a great day.

here are the pictures:

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Sarah Arkanoff said...

mmmm spongebob cake......mmmmm