Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yeah, it wasn't done.

After the first "mudding". =]

First application of drywall compound is on the walls. The prepping of edges and seams took more time than applying the mud. In the center of image #2 you can see where the 3 rooms come together. At a last minute meeting of the minds, we decided to make this a column, of sorts, rather than a flat wall as originally intended. Cornerbeads were used to keep the edges straight, but aligning them top to bottom proved to be a bit challenging. Then getting the mud on to create a visually-squared vertical edge took some finesse. Never fear though, your intrepid handymen ventured onward and succeeded with flying colors.

Sanding and a second application are planned for tomorrow. Also planned is moving the TV and components to the South wall of the living room. Hopefully, after a thorough cleaning, we can have our living spaces back.


pete said...

OK but before you sit down and admire your handiwork... would you PLEASE pull that damn wallpaper off the south (southeast?) wall of the dining room?

Also, very nice work. Maybe I'll hire you guys to come move a wall or two for us. =]

pete said...

Duh. North and East walls. I should have remembered that.

jscott.indy said...

yeah, its all coming down. little bit at a time. problem is that there is or 3 layers of wallpaper. not the easiest thing to remove without stripping the drywall paper, too. if that happens, then the drywall will need to be stuff.