Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Excerpt: A Quote Worth Sharing

In the weekly guest blog on Scott Kelby's blog, Jay Maisel, speaks of a student he once taught during a workshop.

"In one of the first workshops here at the bank building I had a student named Al Vinjamur. He brought in some amazing pictures at the outset. At the end of the class he said to me – “I’ve gone swimming with sharks and alligators, crept up on grizzly bears and risked everything for photos, but I’ve never been as profoundly uncomfortable and scared until I took your class and you made me shoot people – thanks.” "

For portrait photographers this is nothing short of profound. Capturing, truly, a person in a single moment can be entirely unnerving. It is one of the concepts i love the most about photography. Life is naturally a video, thousands of fleeting moments passing on to thousands more. Its when a single crucial singular moment is captured that you really start to SEE what's happening inside a person.

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