Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACD Parade and Car Show 2009

Labor Day weekend has been, for the last 6-7 years, the annual trip up to Auburn, Indiana for the Auburn Cord Duesenberg car show and parade. Its father and son time; our day to take a road trip and spend some quality time together.

The pictures have always been an integral part of the day, and, after all this time, i admit i am struggling to make them look different from year to year. To aid this effort, i have used a different lens each year. Different lenses yield different results and a new perspective or limited capabilities.

This year's pick: the Nikon 85mm PC

This is the older version of the new PC-E (E for electronic control) lenses from Nikon. I took the 24mm PC-E on my recent trip to Maine. The electronic control of the new lenses allows you to control the aperture setting through the camera as opposed to dialing it in on the aperture ring. This is especially important because these lenses are manual focus only and stopping the aperture down on the lens mechanically closes the aperture which makes seeing very difficult.

Without further ado, here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy.

This next picture is a slightly smaller scale than we are used to seeing. It does, however, function in all capacities. Engine, transmission, everything. I can only assume this gentleman is also in the process of training a gerbil to drive the car. =]

The only non-pre 1940's car worthy of a picture. I walked by and it screamed to be photographed. I don't remember the exact value on the price tag in the window, but let's just say it seems classic GTO's have appreciated since GM killed the product line.

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