Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Niagara Falls, NY

On the way back from Maine i detoured through Niagara as a way to break the drive into two days and because i hadn't been there in nearly 15 years. Arriving on Wednesday afternoon meant i could catch the fireworks show that runs on Wednesdays and (i think) Sundays in July and August. The evening light show of the falls is something i don't remember from my childhood trip.

The following morning's activities included the Maid of the Mist. I do remember this from the previous trip and recall it to be a great way to feel the enormous power of the falls. I have a few snaps from the boat ride, but there is so much mist in the air that the front lens element soaked in a matter of a few seconds when we powered in close to the horseshoe falls. And i do mean powered. That (i'm sure) mammoth boat engine is pushing hard to get upstream and eventually gets to the point of equilibrium with the water pushing the other direction. The trip upstream is about 3 times longer than the trip downstream.

Still looking for some software to properly stitch some pano shots together. Have some more to show from the morning of the maid of the mist ride.


Anonymous said...

these are fan-effin-tastic

jscott.indy said...

thank you thank you thank you

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