Monday, August 22, 2011

Train Rides, Good Food & Great Company


The Indiana State Fair is a staple amongst Hoosiers.  Even though i dont feel the overwhelming urge to attend, i find myself suddenly there.  Seeing the sights (people watching), riding the rides and , of course, eating the food.  I have always preferred wandering the grounds in the evening hours rather than enduring the thick air and intense heat of August.  Weather notwithstanding, the evening hours have such a wonderful presence.  The air is a little less humid and the scents from the food (and the food vendors, yeeesh!) carries on the light breeze.  The lights of the midway create a myriad of patterns and colors.  Things seem a bit quieter, more relaxed, even a bit magical…or maybe the deep fried twinkie on a stick with a side of hot sausage and turkey leg is making my head swell.

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