Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sibling Day February 2010

We gathered at Karen and Chuck's for a pitch-in of food and fun. All three of the nephews were present and provided plenty of amusement. I had an excellent time.

Thanks for hosting!

The following was shot using only ambient light. I left my flashes in the bag until late in the evening. Sometimes its nice to be lightweight and not worry about all the angles. However, with big picture windows (and a cloudy day) and lots of incandescent lights inside, keeping WB in check is a madman's game.

Aiden received a terrible haircut several weeks ago and Andrea was tired of looking at it. So we gave him a mohawk. Yeah, were cool like that. =]
(Flash was used to balance ambient light (D700 Aperture Priority -1EV_SB800 TTL +1EV & CTO Gel to balance Tungsten WB)

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the princess said...

i cant believe how big aiden is! he's getting more gorgeous by the day!