Friday, December 19, 2008

who's tired?? oh yea, it's me.

The holiday season in retail is always an experience, to say the least. Business has been good and that means we all get to keep our jobs and move forward into a new year armed with the knowledge that our "good 'ol US of A" hasn't quite met her demise just yet. Despite what all the economists proclaimed as the onslaught (as of a year ago) of a recession, consumers have come in droves to buy, buy, buy. Capitalist Santa strikes again.

I will say that people seem to be watching their spending more this year. Under the glow of fluorescent lights, more greenbacks are seeing action than plastic I.O.U.'s. Customers also seem to be more pleasant and less rushed than in previous years. For example, there were fewer stories this year of trampled geriatrics than last year. More "how does this work?" and "what makes product A better than product B?" questions are asked. Also, smiles from both sides of the register are being used with regularity.

In summary, i am exhausted. The shear number of items being purchased this year has boggled the mind and i need a reprise. It's almost over, John...almost.

Now i must foray for all the tangibles and holiday wishes of my family and friends. As much shopping as i have seen thus far, none of it has been accomplished by me, but that's a whole different story.


the princess said...

i agree. retail christmas season this year is kicking my ass!

jscott.indy said...

its all for a good cause. i have some serious photo gear i want to pick up early this coming year. need the cash!