Sunday, November 16, 2008

BDay Celebration @ Karen and Chuck's

Hippy Barthday

Karen and Chuck were kind enough to host the November BDay bash this year. Mom, Michelle and Pete were all subjected to ridicule and hilarious "roasting". Actually we just ate some cake and watched the kids wear themselves out. Which is always good times.

A new take on "Pig Face"

Reilly is so close to being able to army crawl. He mouthed to me "We lost a lot of really good men out there".

Aiden loves to try and touch the front of your camera. FYI

Who doesn't love upside down baby?


Karen said...

I'm such a slacker; i still haven't posted! Nice pics of the Hippy Barthday celebration!

jscott.indy said...

get with the program!

Karen said...

Hey, uh, in your tags for this post, you spelled our last name wrong. Two Ls, man. TWO! Ls! :)

jscott.indy said...

i have no idea what you're talking about. there are clearly two "L's" there.