Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colts-Ravens Game 10-12-2008

I received a very generous gift of two free Colts tickets from a good friend's parents. Chuck hadn't been to the brand new Lucas Oil Stadium yet, so i asked if he would like to join me. What a game! The first Win in the new stadium was accompanied by a stunning display of potential from a previously lackluster team. Final score = 31-3.

I shot a new panoramic image inside to match this shot of the RCA (Hoosier) Dome from a few years back.

Will upload the new panoramic as soon as i remember to bring it home from work... yeah.

Here are a few other shots to tide you over in the mean time.

Nick and Sarah across the stadium. Section 111 - Row 1 - Seats 1 and 2.

A nice view from the top courtesy of the Metlife blimp. Take notice of the size difference between the old RCA dome (white building with roof caved in) and Lucas Oil stadium.

Great catch from Marvin, his 2nd touchdown of the game.

Yeah, it was that close...

"What? Oh, i am supposed to keep the helmet on my head while on the field."

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